History of deal or no deal show

Deal Or No Deal has been an extremely popular show since the start and has enjoyed increase in popularity over the years. It was first broadcast on October 31, 2005 and hosted by Noel Edmonds. Deal Or No Deal’s ever increasing fan following have been fondly named the ‘Red Box Club’ by Noel and the media. It attracts over four million viewers and can be watched on Channel 4 & More 4.

One lucky contestant confronts the excitment at the pound table against the mysterious Banker. He has 22 identical sealed boxes ranging from 1p to £250,000 to choose from. The player carefully picks their boxes through the different rounds trying to avoid the ‘Power Five’ (£35,000, £50,000, £75,000, £100,000, £250,000 boxes).

Until the final two boxes have been opened the suspense stays whether the player has made the best deal or not. Most players rely on instinct and luck to get them through the game.

All the time the Banker plays a psychological game. He tries to tempt the contestant into taking his offer and leave the game. The primariy objetive of the banker is to buy the player’s box for as little as possible. The players know that the longer they can keep the big money in play they can intimidate the Banker into increasing his offer. Players have to play the game with passion and determination and be prepared for the best possible outcome.

The current Deal Or No Deal is based on a successful game show format developed in the Netherlands. ‘A quarter of a million pounds, 22 identical sealed boxes and no questions… except one – :) Deal Or No Deal?’