Do you need luck or skill to win the massive £250K jackpot?

The Deal or No Deal game on television has astounded the country in last 4-5 years. And it’s not just our country, the excitement of the deal or no deal game show has enthralled viewers across 6 continents. The eager fans tune in to the show every week to experience the utter delight of the show and the power game between the banker and the contestant. In addition, Noel Edmund’s charismatic and eccentric personality along with his humour certainly adds to the ratings of the game show. The audience and the contestants share a common animosity towards the banker which also adds to the excitement.

That’s all about the deal or no deal game show on TV. Now coming back to our question – Do you think its sheer luck or you need any skills to win the £250,000 grand prize?

Gambling mostly requires luck to be able to win with one exception of course – poker which is a game of skill. The other casino games usually don’t require skill. But then do you just need luck to win the deal or no deal game? Let’s take a look at how the game is played and analyse the requirements to win. We at offer free deal or no deal online game and as our valued member you can practise as much as you want without spending any money or registering anywhere. Play deal or no deal for free.

While playing deal or no deal game, your aim is to pick a box and then open 25 other boxes. But in order to win big, you need to try eliminating the boxes with the lowest amounts first. This easy game gets tricky when you advance into the next levels of the deal or no deal game. The banker calls you after every round and offers you a deal to leave the game. He normally offers you an amount that is in between the highest and lowest valued boxes yet to be opened. You would have the feeling that the banker is a bit tight and offering you less than what you should get. This is exactly where you are being played upon physiologically and need to take a balanced decision using your skills. You have to be smart in taking a call and know when to accept the banker’s offer and when to decline it. This is the real test of your skill. We have seen lots of players playing till the end and leaving empty handed while they could have accepted the banker’s deal and won some money. Check out this video to understand what I mean. This is a real life episode of deal or no deal Australia. This chap could have gone home very rich, if you consider 100K+ a lot of money (it’s a lot for me).

We can safely assume that the deal or no deal game requires both luck and skill. It is a matter of luck which box you pick up, you will need a level of skill to decide on the banker’s offer.

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