Classic rummy

classic rummy Indian Rummy is an exciting variation of traditional classic rummy games. The game is played with at least two decks (including Jokers) and 13 cards are dealt to each player. The objective of 13 cards classic rummy is to form at least two sequences along with a pure sequence. Some say that Indian Rummy has evolved from other classic rummy forms like Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy, as Jokers play an important role in the game.

How to Play 13 Cards Classic rummy – Quick Steps

The Indian Classic rummy game is very popular due to the blend of interesting rules. As mentioned above, you need to form at least two sequences to win the game, out of which one has to be a pure sequence. The rules to play classic rummy can be summarized as:

  • You are dealt with 13 cards randomly
  • The game begins with a toss along with random selection of Wild Jokers
  • You need to arrange all the cards in sequences and/or sets
  • You need to complete the objective through picks and discards
  • Once you have arranged the cards into proper sequences and/or sets, you need to declare the game by discarding one of your cards

There are many videos and interactive tutorials that you find online. Find out more and play classic rummy online on various rummy sites.

Some Tips and Tricks to Play Classic rummy

Discard High Value Cards: Unlike other card games, where you keep high value cards like Aces and Kings, you should discard such high point cards. It is difficult to form sequences with such cards. Penalty points also increase, as they have high points that are calculated at the end of the game.

Use of Jokers: As jokers play an important role, you should use them wisely. Form sequences with these cards after you have arranged a pure sequence. Jokers can also minimize penalty points, if you arrange them with high value cards when your opponents win the game.

Track Your Opponents’ Moves: You should observe your opponents moves very closely. Do not discard any card that is close to what your opponents have picked from the open deck. Therefore, it is wise to track what your opponents have picked from the open cards and the one that have discarded.

The Online Rummy Rage

13 Cards Classic rummy is emerging as one of the most popular online games. Players from all across the country love to compete with each other. Many online rummy sites have contests and tournaments where players can utilize their skills to win cash prizes. With millions of players competing every day, Indian Classic rummy is becoming as one of the most competitive online games.

Is it Legal to Play Classic rummy Online?

Courts of Law have declared it as a game or skill or ‘mere skill’. So, playing 13 cards Classic rummy online is absolutely legal in India. However, in few states, like Assam and Orissa, the laws are not clear about playing Classic rummy for cash. Players from these states can still enjoy Classic rummy online for free.

There are many websites where you can play Classic rummy for free. JungleeRummy.comis a hot favourite among players who love to play online rummy games that offers a unique way to play rummy on Classic 2D and 3D tables.